Reset Louisville announced Thursday they have secured a $1.4 million credit line from Stock Yards Bank to build 22 homes in West Louisville for first-time homebuyers.

 The West End Economic Development Fund is requesting multiple agencies in Louisville help them raise $150 million over the next five years.

Come Join Us In Reseting Louisville in building new homes for first-time homeowners in west Louisville.
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This is how we #ResetLouisville!

Group announces plan to build homes in Louisville to first-time homebuyers.

 Thank you for taking the time out to visit us at W.E.E.D. FUND!

This movement is dedicated to being a platform FOR us, BY us. When we say "US' we mean, all of the people that live in the West End and beyond, who's voice & story isn't heard by the main stream media. Along with Colors Newspaper platform will can tell OUR story of what is really going on in the West End; Unfiltered, Unapologetic, and Authentic.

“W.E.E.D. FUND”  starting with each one of these 5 disparities.

Housing #1

WEED Fund program, which will bring new homes to the west end, first time homeowners, and most importantly, we will inspire a neighborhood, a community, and entire generation, by being a young black organization, working collaboratively with some of the biggest entities in Louisville, to directly create change. 

Click the link for the housing program

Finacial Education #2

WEED Fund provides individuals, organizations, businesses and corporations the financial education services they need to be better educated and make better financial decisions.

Fresh Food #3

The W.E.E.D. Fund is committed to provide funding and other services needed, to individuals, organizations, & entities that have created programs and intitiatives that directly address the fresh food desert issue in the West End

Health Care #4

The W.E.E.D. Fund is dedicated to funding innovative programs to create preventative care services in the west end, to address the disparities in the rates of heart disease, high blood pressure, & diabetes. 

Gun Violence #5

The W.E.E.D. Fund is committed to working closely in the community, with entities that are in the streets, creating innovative programs to directly lower the rate of gun violence in our communities.


Our Vision
To restore a healthy, vibrant, and secure Louisville, full of opportunity extended from East to

Our Mission
Seeking to #RESET 5 major problem areas in Louisville, Colors Newspaper is calling for a
complete restructuring of how the city protects and provides for lower income communities
such as in the West End.

Covid-19 revealed 5 major disparities in our community that need to be RESET. The flaws in
themselves aren’t anything that we’re not already aware of; the real issue is in the fact that
these issues, during something like a pandemic, become 100x more vital and life-threatening.
Under the current conditions our community will not survive another crisis situation, without an
actionable plan! We have detailed steps in which we can “RESET LOUISVILLE” starting with
each one of these 5 disparities.

Financial Recovery & Education
Housing Opportunities/ownership
Fresh Food Supply
Ending Gun Violence

Each one of these 5 disparities have now transformed into committees. Each committee’s
obligation is to create and execute innovative programs that can directly help us


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